9 Girl Bosses Diving Into STEM Fields In Creative Ways

9 Girl Bosses Diving Into STEM Fields In Creative Ways
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These girls are definitely paving the way!

In case you missed it, we’re teaming up with Ad Council for this year’s Creators For Good Summit in less than a week! The feel-good event — going down on October 11th, aka International Day of the Girl — is all about encouraging and empowering girls to realize and pursue their passions: whatever they may be.

The Summit will focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, but that doesn’t mean being a traditional scientist is the limit. Our favorite stars are finding ways to get creative in these roles and show a little girl power! From Daniella Perkins to Olivia Rodrigo, and everyone in between: keep scrolling to find out how these actors, artists and influencers are reminding us that anyone can STEM — but especially that #SheCanSTEM!

1. Daniella Perkins

Aside from acting, Daniella is doing some serious video editing on her YouTube channel. While the topics range from makeup to boys, the one thing that’s consistent is the STEM skills needed to make it all successful.

2. Olivia Rodrigo

Not only did Olivia star as a social media icon on Disney’s “Bizaardvark,” but she also truly has become a social media star with an amazing Instagram feed. Photo editing and social media design is just one type of technology field that many girls are beginning to explore. Hopefully, they can look up to Olivia for some inspiration!

3. The GEM Sisters

We love the fun of ooey-gooey slime and the GEM Sisters showcase how cool experimenting with these creations can be. Getting crafty with science is a great way to keep it fun and fresh!

4. Christina Marie

While Christina is highlighting technology with her YouTube videos, she also has put her skin and beauty expertise to the test with Teena Skincare Clarity Cleanser. It takes the perfect scientific balance to clear-up your skin. That’s chemistry IRL!

5. Lauren and Maddie Orlando

“The Sister Diary” brings Lauren and Maddie together to discuss such a huge range of topics. On this podcast, the girls are taking the lead and using tech to connect with fans and other girls across the world!

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6. Anna Cathcart

If you haven’t checked out this “Descendants 3” star’s IG lately, you’ll need to do so ASAP because you’re missing out on some totally cool cooking show vibes. These tasty treats are an example of a really fun way to get involved in science. Fun fact: there’s even a study of foods called molecular gastronomy that breaks cooking down into the more precise chemistry!

7. Alyssa Carson

At eighteen, Alyssa is getting ready to take a trip into space. She’s training with NASA right now, making her the youngest astronaut trainee in the world. So cool! While she’s pursuing a more traditional STEM role, Alyssa documents her journey on Instagram and YouTube to get a little creative with it and share her experience with the world.

8. Lilia Buckingham

Working behind the scenes on music and video production is a space that needs more girls. Lilia co-produced Jillian Shea’s music video for “Something Better.” She’s using tech in music to create amazing visuals on screen!

9. Mari Takahashi

This gamer-girl is holding her own in the Smosh community. Until 2017 she was actually the only girl on Smosh Games. Mari runs her own show — MariCraft. Bringing gaming, tech, and video editing together is what sets Mari apart from so many others!

We’ll be at the Ad Council’s Creators for Good She Can STEM Summit. Plus, we have the deets on who else will be there right here.

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