23 JoJo Siwa Quotes You Can Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

23 JoJo Siwa Quotes You Can Use as Your Next Instagram Caption
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Coming up with the perfect Instagram caption can be way too hard sometimes. Luckily, Jojo Siwa has your back!

The super spunky singer has so many great songs and lyrics to jam out to! From “Boomerang,” to “D.R.E.A.M.” and lots of others, JoJo has a bop for every mood. Which song quote will you use next? Keep scrolling to catch the perfect Insta inspo!


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Whose a happy girl?? I a happy girl!!🥳

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1. “Catch me if you can”
2. “I just wanna dance”
3. “Turn the music up louder”
4. “We always dressin’ up, it’s better with some glitter on it”

5. “We’ll always be on a roll”
6. “I’ll follow your lead if you follow mine”
7. “Nothings ever perfect that’s part of all the fun”
8. “We do it better when we’re together”
9. “Look out, we’re coming your way”

10. “I wanna make these good times last”
11.”I keep a lot of friends ‘cuz I’m loyal”
12. “They got nothing on us”
13.”Let’s dance like it’s nobody’s business”
14. “Every girl’s a super girl”

15. “Won’t let the haters get their way. I’mma come back like a boomerang”
16. “But I’mma climb it to the top”
17. “I wake up saying every day’s another chance to rock it”

Can’t Stop Me
18. “Bigger, better, faster, stronger”
19. “Gonna live the dream”
20. “I’m livin’ that life, that’s what I do”
21. “But I keep slayin’, slayin'”
22. “I’m never givin’ up”
23. “Something’s going to happen and I think it’s really big”

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