Exclusive: The Cast of Nickelodeon’s ‘Danger Force’ Look Back On The Funniest Behind-the-Scenes Moments & More

Exclusive: The Cast of Nickelodeon’s ‘Danger Force’ Look Back On The Funniest Behind-the-Scenes Moments & More
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Get your superhero cape on, get your popcorn, and get ready for “Danger Force“!

In case you missed it, Nickelodeon is keeping the magic of “Henry Danger” alive, and bringing a brand-new spinoff to life! Captain Man (played by Cooper Barnes) is getting a whole new group of super sidekicks. Four special kids – Chapa (played by Havan Flores), Miles (played by Terrence Little Gardenhigh), Mika (played by Dana Heath) and Bose (played by Luca Luhan) get recruited for Swellview Academy for the Gifted (S.W.A.G. for short). Now, these four kids have to learn how to control their superpowers and use it for the good of society!

We got to chat with the four stars of the show and get their take on their own characters, the funniest behind-the-scenes moments on set, and more. The series premieres Saturday, March 28 at 8p.m.EST on Nickelodeon, and we’re counting down for the premiere!

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1,2,3,FORCE . . . This Saturday #dangerforce

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Did you grow up watching “Henry Danger”?
Havan: No, my family is very outdoorsy and we have never watched a lot of TV but now having binged it… I think Captain Man is great!
Terrence: Yes, I grew up watching “Henry Danger” and wishing I could just hang out in the man cave. It’s really hard to choose who my favorite is but I love any scene when Schwoz is talking and explaining things!
Dana: I was a big fan of “Henry Danger.” My favorite characters were Captain Man and Schwoz.
Luca: I did watch “Henry Danger” when I was younger, and my favorite character was Captain Man because I saw him as a leader.  One of my favorite scenes was when Drex was spanking Kid Danger in a bakery… I think it was back in Season 3.

What was your reaction when you found out you’d be a part of “Danger Force”?
Havan: I got so excited, I started coughing and almost got sick!! My mom told me, and then we called my dad and sister.
Terrence: I was with my mommy and we were on the way to get ice cream after we all did the finale test for the show. My manager and agent called to say that it takes a week or two for a decision to be made. I said “awh man, I guess we will have to just suffer a little while longer.” Then she said “maybe others will, but not you because you got it!” I covered my face and cried. Yep, I sure did because I know this was life changing. I felt it!
Dana: I was so excited when I found out I was going to be on “Danger Force.” I remember I was at an ice cream place with my mom when I got the call, and the first person I told was my grandmother.
Luca: After the final audition everyone was going to go out for ice cream. I didn’t because I had another audition right after, and as we were driving my agent called and my heart dropped. One of my agents pretended to be sad until they told my mom and I that I got the part. I was so excited! I may have even happy-cried a bit. I called a couple of friends of mine who had helped me run lines when I was auditioning. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I knew. But then I had to keep it a secret for five months!

How would you describe your character in 3 words? 
Havan: I’d describe Chapa as fun, fiery and tough. I’m also a tough girl. I enjoy playing sports and working hard outside.  I’m not like Chapa since, unfortunately, I can’t shoot lightning, but I’d like to!
Terrence: Cool, deep thinker and laidback. We both believe that we are taken care of by the Universe. That everything will be ok if you just follow your heart and don’t be afraid to just do it. We are different because even though I believe the Universe will take care of me I don’t take as many chances as Miles might.
Dana: She’s strong, smart and a leader. Mika and I are both optimistic, smart and creative. But Mika has way more energy.
Luca: Bose is dim-witted, funny and loyal. I think Bose and I are both happy most of the time, but Bose is not very smart.  I like to think it doesn’t take me quite as long to understand what is going on.

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Class is in session. March 28. #DangerForce

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If you could play any other “Danger Force” character, who would you pick and why?
Havan: I’d play Schwoz because he’s so funny.
Terrence: Schwoz because he gets to make all kinds of scientific stuff. He can come up with all kinds of crazy experiments to help save the day.
Dana: If I could play any other character on Danger Force it would be Captain Man because he seems like a fun character.
Luca: If I could play any other character on the show, I would want to play Chapa because I think having her superpower would be really cool… Not sure if I can share what it is yet but you’ll see!

What was one of the funniest moments on set? 
Havan: When we all dropped our gumballs and had to frantically crawl around trying to catch them.
Terrence: When we were locked in the boombox on “Henry Danger” and everyone was making fart noises. We couldn’t stop laughing and even though it was hot and tight in the box it was fun hanging out with Jace and Coop. It didn’t even feel like work most of the time.
Dana: The funniest moment on set for me was when I got to do a “rewrite” on a script as a joke. It didn’t get picked up.
Luca: One of the funniest moments on scene was during my first week on Henry Danger when I was guest starring on the final four episodes.  We shot a scene where Jace was trying to throw Rolos in a bowl and he kept missing. It wasn’t part of the scene. There just happened to be Rolos in a bowl on the desk I was sitting at.  He thought he’d casually toss them into the bowl during each take but couldn’t make it in and then it became a thing. He finally made it and they used that shot for the episode. Chris Nowak, the showrunner/head writer changed the title of the episode to “Tossing Rolos in a Bowl.”

What message do you hope fans take away from “Danger Force?”
Havan: Be true to who you are, and not just do what other people expect.
Terrence: That we are not trying to replace “Henry Danger.” That can never be done. We are carrying the torch and bring in the next generation of funny superhero kids that want to create funny moments like the ones I will always remember from “Henry Danger.”
Dana: I hope fans take away the message of teamwork from “Danger Force” because it’s a very important lesson to learn and “Danger Force” teaches it in the funniest ways imaginable.
Luca: I think teamwork plays a big role in the show and I hope people can see that when they watch us together.

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