9 Artists You Need to Follow For the Best Spooky Makeup Inspo

9 Artists You Need to Follow For the Best Spooky Makeup Inspo

Grab your broomstick and your lipstick!

Candy is nice, but the real Halloween fun comes from the greatest treat of them all: makeup! Still searching for the perfect look to recreate?

Whether into scary clown looks like Avani Gregg, or putting new twists on classic TV and film characters like Abby Roberts (AKA Abby Artistry), we’ve rounded up some of the best makeup artists for some boo-tiful and terrifying (in the best way possible) makeup inspo to complete your Halloween looks! Keep scrolling — if you dare — and try these creepy creations!

1. Avani Gregg
Scary clown check! The 17-year old TikTok icon is basically the definition of Halloween makeup goals. Oh, and the best part about her frightening looks? She posts step-by-step tutorials on her IGTV and TikTok so you too can create these jaw-dropping looks!

2. Abby Roberts
Known for both her unbelievable special effects makeup and stunning beauty looks, this makeup artist is quite the talent. She goes 100% all-out in all of her looks and we can’t help but drool with jealousy at her unmatched skills.

3. Madsconcealer
You may recognize this artist from TikTok, where she’s racked up a whopping 19 million likes, and counting! She’s constantly filling our FYP with unique takes on storytelling through makeup, and even though her looks may seem a bit daunting at first, they’re the inspiration we crave!

4. James Charles
He’s the scariest sister of them all, who never fails to give us the beauty, and fashion-foward fire looks that we oh-so desperately need. Take a hint from those vampires, and slay all day with one (or two, or three) of James’ creative, and absolutely stunning looks!

5. Ashley Strong
The devil is in the details! Winner of James Charles’ beauty battle YouTube series “Instant Influencer,” Ashely’s looks range from intricate eyes to full-fledged glam. She even posts tutorials to her own YouTube channel as well, so you can easily follow along!

6. Samuel Ray
Bright, colorful, and neon? Say less! Samuel’s memorizing makeup leaves us absolutely speechless. Between scary skeletons that glow in the dark to beautiful butterfly inspired eyes, or shall we say “butterfl-eyes” (see what we did there), we don’t know how we’re going to be able to choose just one Halloween costume this year! Is it too much to ask for a Hallo-week?!

7. Brooke Ellis
Transform yourself into something truly terrifying, so terrifying that you might just scare yourself when you glance in the mirror! Using TikTok as her platform to showcase her wicked talent, Brooke posts crazy cool makeovers that’ll send shivers down your spine, and leave you seriously shook!

8. Maile Hammahz
Is there such thing as too much fake blood…asking for a friend! With almost 3 million followers on TikTok, the talented creator transforms herself into frightening creatures of the night, leaving her completely unrecognizable. Excuse us as we go purchase a fifth tube of fake blood, and some spooky contact lenses too!

9. Maylen Borgeteien
Not all Halloween makeup has to be scary! This self-taught makeup enthusiast shares all kinds of looks that range from terrifying to bedazzled beauty. Anything that involves an excess of glitter, rhinestones, gems, and glitter (oh, did we already say that one?), COUNT. US. IN!

Still not sure what costume you’re going with this year? Take this quiz and we’ll match you with the perfect look!