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EXCLUSIVE: Lab Rats’ Kelli Berglund’s “My Life”!

February 18, 2012


Like other Disney Channel stars who have shared about their hobbies, families and inspirations to succeed, Kelli Berglund, star of the upcoming Disney XD show Lab Rats, will have her own “My Life” short segment on Disney Channel and we have the exclusive just for you!

In the segment, Kelli will introduce you to her favorite hobby: dance! Through dance, Kelli shares with you her love of creativity and performing! You’re going to love watching her show off her moves and a little about herself along the way.

Check out our exclusive photos and video from Kelli’s “My Life” short!


Are you excited for Kelli’s “My Life” segment? Are you also looking forward to “Lab Rats” Disney XD premiere on Feb. 27? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Emilykb20 says:


  2. cupcakexbitch says:

    lol, she’s not even that famous..

  3. dancingqueen219 says:

    i love to dance too!

  4. NerdyChick says:

    I Love Her

  5. selena0rocks says:

    Yes partly b/c i am in ballet and ance and the rest b/c i think shes a great actress.

  6. pixiestar says:

    I dnt watch DisneyXD

  7. briebrie says:

    My name is Brie too

  8. princess26 says:

    i luv 2 dance! shez really pretty ! im excited

  9. Maddison251 says:

    Put your hand over your mouth make a wish post this on 10 other polls

  10. pinkwater2001 says:

    Dance is so Awsome you go girl !!!!!!!

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