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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift likes to write songs about her exes, but it IS a secret which song is for which ex. Tay has dated some pretty famous dudes, including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal. Now she’s probably, maybe, sort of dating One Direction hottie Harry Styles. The lyrics and videos seem to sometimes give away which ex-boyfriend Taylor is singing about, but we’ve always kind of wondering if Tay’s hints are as obvious to them as they are to us.

T.Swift recently admitted that actually, yeah, she HAS had ex-BFs ask her flat-out whether a song was about them!

“Only the vocal ones though — The ones that love the sound of their own voice, whether it be an email or text message… or barrage of text messages. But it’s only happened a few times with the ones that really were choice human beings,” Taylor said.

Even though the exes (and most of her fans) are convinced they know the truth, Tay insists that it’s still a guessing game.

“The thing is, they’re just guessing that the song is about them. I put details in my songs but never first and last names, and I definitely don’t include social-security numbers!” Taylor joked.

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