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Is Taylor Channeling Harry in Her “22” Video?

February 12, 2013


Taylor Swift has been known to send messages to her ex-boyfriends in her music videos – but usually it means the song is about them (we’re looking at you, Jake Gyllenhaal). But for her “22” video, we didn’t expect to see any guy references. Why? Because the song is all about her girls. Still, when Tay shot the beachy video for her girl power anthem yesterday, she seemed to be focused on a pretty obvious style icon: Her ex, Harry Styles.

Tay sported a beanie and white V-neck that instantly reminded us of an outfit Harry was recently spotted wearing. What do you think? Is Taylor trying to dress like Harry for the video? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. sofiehoran says:

    we all knew this would happen. she needs to get over herself and move on.

  2. Mahomie Fan says:

    Ugly Taylor Swift

  3. Ariel194567 says:

    its a pretty common outfit, but still, at a certain point, enough is enough, get over him

  4. Gabby Bale says:

    PLEASE READ FOR YOUR CRUSHES SAKE!!!!!!! Do people care about Cassidy anymore? She said she will come back for Austin right? So how if she finds out that Austin and Ally like each other? Won’t that bring up the drama? Please answer back if you agree and want Cassidy to come back! PLEASE PASS IT ON!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT THEN YOUR CRUSH WILL NEVER LIKE YOU BACK!!!!!!!!

  5. lexi says:

    taylor gets mad when people make fun of her.how do u think her ex’s feel when they hear a song about them on the radio.she wil probably have a new boyfriend next week

  6. Cinndy says:


  7. marie chris baron says:

    I’m very worried about my idol, taylor swift, she can find the Mr. Right for her. I think taylor is moving on.

  8. Harry Styles obviously LOVES her and she is seriously being so mean, the fake British accent and now this! What’s next a new hit single about him!!! :(((

  9. That’s cool!!!! But, try not to wear the same outfit.

  10. Gabby Bale says:

    What does she want from him! Shes like 5 years older than him get over with it! Jeez! Date guys at least older than you by like a MONTH!!!!!!!