Walker Bryant Reveals What He Looks For In A Girl & More

Walker Bryant Reveals What He Looks For In A Girl & More
Photo: Courtesy of @walkerjbryant / Instagram

Walker Bryant‘s single and ready to mingle!

We caught up with the 14-year-old actor and influencer during our live interview series Friends From Afar, and man, did we learn a lot! Between the surprising way he became friends with Gavin Magnus, the important mindset he uses to overcome online negativity, and the story behind starting his self-titled YouTube channel (which now has nearly 900K subscribers) and more, Walker got real about it all!

With Valentine’s Day still on the mind and love still in the air, the GoatFam LA member also revealed what he looks for in an ideal girlfriend:

“To be honest, I don’t really have a type! It just has to be that certain person. Every single person I’ve had a crush on or girlfriends I’ve had in my life…they all look so different. Just everything has to match perfectly,” he explained.

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