Talk about 6-seconds of fame! These five people are well-known for their quirky and unique videos on the popular app Vine. Check them out below!

5. mayainthemoment
Maya is known for her obsession with all things Disney and it totally shows in her videos.

Not only is Jerome super cute (and French!) but he’s also friends with Ansel Elgort! How cool?

3. Thomas Sanders
Thomas has several different ongoing Vine videos. One of his funniest is where he narrates random people’s lives.

2. Us The Duo
The adorable couple started their singing career on Vine covering other people’s songs, but they actually have their own music too. The two just signed with Republic this year and are currently on tour!

1. Josh Peck
We couldn’t do a Vine celeb list without including Josh. Not only are his posts super funny, but we love when he makes references to his show Drake & Josh

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